Children with special health care needs (SHCN) are always welcome at Lawrenceville Pediatric Dentistry. It is crucial to us that a special needs individual establishes a good relationship with us. We take this very seriously and want you to feel assured that your loved one is in good hands.

We understand that children with special health care needs are unique and we have experience in providing individualized dental care to these patients. Pediatric dentists train an extra two years at Children’s Hospitals in order to facilitate their dental visit. In addition to extensive clinical training in special needs patients, Dr. Sharma did her clinical research on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) based dental treatment in patient with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and received her master’s degree. Dental care for children with developmental problems requires specialized knowledge and care. Our professional dental staff have the training and experience that is required to deliver the high level of dental care that your kids need. We know as a parent you are looking for the most comfortable and soothing dental experience for your child and/or child with special needs. Since your kids deserve the best, we utilize only the most advanced dental technology in our specialized treatment processes.

We will evaluate your child’s needs and develop a treatment plan that would work best for them. We work closely with your child’s occupational/speech therapist to help your child feel more comfortable and confident for dental treatments. Oftentimes, desensitization to the dental environment is required in order to make them comfortable. This involves several short visits closely spaced together. Here at Lawrenceville Pediatric Dentistry, we use a wide variety of desensitization tools including visual pictures, task strips and iPad videos that have proven to be very effective in reducing anxiety in children with special needs. It also allows children to anticipate dental treatment ahead of time before it is rendered, facilitating cooperative behavior for dental visits. We work hard to provide an environment that is enjoyable and compatible for your children no matter the needs that they have.

Children with special health care needs may be more vulnerable to oral disease due to their condition and require oral health care of a specialized nature. We like to focus on preventative care because it can play a major role in reducing the number of dental procedures in the future that may cause additional stress in special needs individuals. We have experience in providing dental care to patients with SHCN such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. A child with SHCN can also include patients with Amelogenesis Imperfecta, Dentinogenesis Imperfecta and oral cancer.