We understand patients with special needs deserve to have treatment customized to their unique circumstances. Dr. Sharma has extensive experience in treating patients with special health care needs, chronic medical condition, and fearful patients in the hospital operating room. We welcome patients, who are unable to be treated in the other offices because of difficulties related to their treatment. We work closely with the pediatrician, oral surgeon, and anesthesiologist to ensure the best possible outcome of your child. Due to medical and physical conditions, taking your child to multiple appointment for dental treatment can cause specific challenges. We offer hospital dentistry to meet your child needs, where we can complete large amount of treatment in one appointment to the safe hospital environment.

During the hospital visit, your child will receive general anesthesia. The advantages of general anesthesia are that your child will not be awake during the dental procedure, all necessary dental treatment will be completed in one appointment and your child will have no memory of the event. General anesthesia is a management technique that uses medications to allow your child to go to sleep while receiving dental treatment. Anesthesia is administered by Board-certified anesthesiologist at the hospital. If an overnight stay is required after the procedure, we work with the hospital directly for the needs of your child.